New phone, who this?

Yes, this is me.

Who is this person? What does she want? Why is she blogging? Haven’t we had enough of all these bloggers trying to bore us with their strong opinions and looong, long paragraphs? Why should I read ANOTHER blog?

Well, my dearest friend, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t read this blog. You shouldn’t read this blog if you’re not open to reading and discussing new opinions, or if you don’t like reading in general, or if you just don’t like me (I know that’s very difficult, I am the epitome of GREATNESS – HA HA HA you’re so funny, girl).

Seriously now, I am trying to organise my thoughts. I am Andreea and I am a ‘citizen of the world’. Joking. I am Andreea and I have a lot of information stored in my poor brain, and I noticed that everyone else is in the same situation as me (well, most people). I’ve had so many discussions with so many people, most of them conclusion-less. I will not try to reach any conclusions in my posts, rather write senseless pieces of text that no one will bother to read cause they’ll be too long (if you managed to get this far with reading this, then you should hit me up cause you’ll get a PRIZE).

What’s my selling point? None. You read this because you want to. Yes, I am just another opinionated graduate, but look at this cool meme, am I right?

P. S English is my second language, and despite having lived in the U. K. for the past 4 years, I might make the odd grammar mistake. So I apologise. Perfection does not exist, right? Also, thanks Iulia for the blog title ©. Now you see that I was 100% serious about using this.